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Sofitel Bogotá Sustainability Policies

Child Protection:
At Sofitel Bogotá, we are firmly committed to the protection of minors. Any unsafe or suspicious act against a minor will be immediately reported to the competent authorities, in accordance with the Official Gazette law No. 44,509 of August 4, 2001. This law establishes a statute to prevent and counteract exploitation, pornography and tourism. sexual relations with minors, in compliance with article 44 of the Constitution


Water care:
Bogotá is currently facing a water crisis due to the “El Niño” phenomenon. The reservoirs that supply water are at critical levels. We ask our guests and staff to use water responsibly and avoid waste. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration in this vital effort.


Responsible Behavior:
Colombia is a country rich in fauna and flora. The trafficking of fauna and flora is punished according to Law 17/81. At Sofitel Bogotá, we promote respect and protection of our biodiversity. We urge our guests and staff to behave responsibly and report any suspicious activity related to illegal wildlife trafficking.


Law 2068 of 2020 aims to promote sustainability and implement mechanisms for the conservation, protection and use of tourist destinations and attractions. This law also seeks to strengthen the formalization and competitiveness of the tourism sector and promote the recovery of the industry. At Sofitel Bogotá, we align ourselves with these objectives, adopting sustainable practices in all our operations.


Plastic Free Single Use:
Committed to mitigating the environmental effects caused by the industry, we have eliminated all single-use plastics in the hotel. Our goal is to offer better service to our guests while taking care of the environment. We invite our guests to join us in this initiative and opt for sustainable alternatives.


Protection of Material Assets and Cultural and Social Heritage:
Sofitel Bogotá is committed to the protection and conservation of the material assets and the cultural and social heritage of the nation. We respect and promote the cultural wealth of Colombia, ensuring that our operations not only do not harm but support and enhance local cultural heritage.


The RiiSE mixed gender network at Accor promotes diversity as a means to boost our collective performance. This network advocates for gender, generational and multicultural diversity, convinced that this creates the best teams. With more than 29,000 members worldwide, RiiSE uses mentoring, training and events to encourage sharing and active initiatives against stereotypes and violence against women, as well as supporting the Black and LGBTQ+ communities. At Sofitel Bogotá, we are part of this global effort, promoting an inclusive and diverse culture.

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