Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia - Luxury hotel - Interview with Pastry Chef Alejandro Gutiérrez

Interview with Pastry Chef Alejandro Gutiérrez

Find out more about our Pastry Chef Alejandro Gutiérrez

What inspired you to become a pastry chef?


My inspiration to enter the world of pastry came when I discovered the importance of serving others through food and the sensations it produces. Without a doubt, being able to transmit our thoughts through a dish is something that is priceless. To this day it continues to motivate me by creating and innovating daily.


Who was your role model in the kitchen?


From day 1, I began to surround myself with great professionals whom to this day have contributed both as a person and as a professional. Developing the necessary skills to consider yourself good at a job is not an easy task, so I really keep in mind every person that has contributed to my career and I try to give back in the same way to the generations that come after me.

What are your favorite flavor combinations?


The flavors in pastry are very versatile and I have been able to learn from it, so much so that the combinations tend to be infinite. The acidity of the tropical fruits that we have in our country pairs very well with many chocolate references that are also harvested in the region, so I would say that they are flavors that are a constant part of my desserts.


Why are your work tools so important?


Tools are very important when developing quality pastries, so I think that as long as we use them well, any tool from the most basic to the most sophisticated will make our work easier. Personally, I always have my tool kit that I carry everywhere I work, I feel comfortable with them.


What do you think of trends/restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan & dairy-free?


Our job as pastry chefs/bakers is to contribute with new proposals to the global gastronomy and adapt to the trends that the world requests so quickly. Both restrictions and trends are issues of absolute care and respect, since we have in our hands the possibility of providing a customer with a great experience.


How to turn traditional desserts into something disruptive and with its own stamp?


Within traditional and modern desserts there are many variations, I think that giving my own identity to each one has been the most interesting challenge I have had to face and in fact it is presented to me daily, since it is my interest and priority number 1: Give each dish I make my own style, brand and design.


How does the implementation of unusual products in the pastry translate into the creation of unique experiences for customers?


The implementation of different and unusual products in pastries seems like a fascinating idea to me, so I really try to create innovative and impressive dishes that generate a unique experience for each customer who can try them.


What is the dessert that we should all know how to make?


Within Colombian pastries, I find the use of products with so many different flavors, aromas and textures fascinating. Personally, I feel that tradition should not be lost, so arroz con leche, which is a Latin American classic, should be a dessert that everyone should learn to make, and without a doubt I am willing to share my great family secrets! !


What is your favorite ingredient?


Thanks to the great offerings of ingredients that our country has, it is difficult for me to choose a single ingredient as my favorite, but without a doubt cocoa in all its presentations plays a very important role in my pastry and bakery, having its place in many of my pastries.


Tell us a little about the desserts at Sofitel Victoria Regia


Our pastries have been focused on the special link that we want to highlight between Colombian gastronomy and traditional French techniques, so my initial idea was to highlight the flavors of our country along with those techniques that have guided us for so many years. One of my favorite desserts in the development of the hotel’s new menu has been the “Lemon and Meringue” in which we reflect the importance of a local fruit and the French techniques as important and essential as meringue, thus resulting in an explosive and very aromatic mixture.

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